Friday, March 11, 2011


Today I have all the content for my project just have to edit it as there is way too much. Oh Joy.

Good news I won this amazing wooden brooch from Katie who did a lovely giveaway of a brooch made by Jess of CuppaTeaandCakeshop. It was laser cut from an original illustration and made from beech wood and is rather lovely. I'm delighted to have won this lovely brooch so thanks girls!! You made my week!

Operation tidy up was done on my desktop which was unbelievably cluttered.. found some lovely tea prints I was saving on there...

Aren't they beautiful. Could look at Catherine Campbell's work all day.


hummingbox studios

tea dance print by MeArt Design

michele maule


samantha kramer


tabitha emma

Theres lots more. I think I have a problem. Better get back to my type project. Think its the toughest thing. I've had so much fun and enjoyment from my illustration lately, its tough to jump into type now. But it must be done. And there's always time for tea :)


  1. Thanks so much for the feature! I am honoured (: All your choices are awesome, and all together they look lovely (and make me REALLY want to drink another cup o' tea!) ^__^

  2. Beautiful pictures, I especially enjoy the Hummingbox one :)

  3. Thanks Katie isnt it so pretty?! :)

    Your welcome Samantha don't mention it.. its a lovely print... enjoy your tea ;)

  4. lovely feature you have done on the teacups, you have a really interesting blog :0)