Sunday, March 20, 2011


Got this really lovely Audrey hepburn collection for christmas, and thanks to being sick (no honestly, thanks a lot) I got to watch these and they are really amazing. My favourite so far is Roman holiday and Funny face. Much better then Breakfast at tiffanys which surprised me cos of all the hype about it. They are beautiful films, beautifully directed, Audrey hepburn is stunning in them, and each one is surprising me more then the last, I think they're the types of films you can watch again and again. Aces!

sources of the above 

An illustration I did from the film Funny Face.

illustration by me
And in black and white..

b/w illustrated by myself


  1. Such a lovely illo of Audrey! I also got an Audrey Hepburn collection for Christmas, have you seen Sabrina? Soo good. Loved Roman Holiday as well, so charming. Lol at Gregory Peck's nightie.

  2. I love her! She's such an inspiration! I am planning to spend a weekend just watching her movies!... As soon as I have a whole free weekend...


  3. Thanks for the lovely comments guys.

    Katie, I haven't seen Sabrina but that is the next movie I'm gonna watch. I've seen B'fast at Tiffanys, Funny face and Roman holiday, have to say Roman Holiday has been my fave so far. Have you watched them all? :)

    Fiamma , enjoy the collection it really is such a lovely set of movies :)