Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kodaline & cocktails...

We went to a see a little Irish band called Kodaline last Friday and they were amazing! Not before we went for a spot of dinner and then for cocktails in the Vintage Cocktail Club. I'd heard lots of good things about this place, so I rang the doorbell (yes, really) and I was not disappointed. I ordered a Tequila Mockingbird (the clever play on words got me) and it was delicious. The place has the quirkiest decor, 1920s pianos, lamps, phones, candles lighting over vintage plates, black and white framed photographs on the wall, funny illustrations and floral wallpapers of every variety and the type of patterned carpets and kitsch ornaments your Granny used to have.

Then we snapped out of the 1920s and rambled down to see Kodaline. Back to the 21st century with a bang! They seemed virtually unheard of a few months ago but now everyone knows their name and all of their shows were sold out in minutes. They sang their best known songs like Perfect World, High Hopes, Pray and then some of their newer ones from the new album. They also did a rendition of 'Dirty Ole Town' before launching into Love Like This. The great thing about the gig was that there were no frills, no fireworks and gimics.. just plain, simple, good music. I also discovered some new music James Bay, if you like chilled out, indie, acoustic vibes check him out!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Orla Kiely Spring Summer 14

An Illustration of Orla Kiely's new collection, illustrated from a beautiful photo from Carrie's blog here. I've just recently watched the Wes Anderson movie Moonrise Kingdom and the style of outfits and scenic back drops remind me of this. The show was styled by Leith Clark. Sixties dresses, whimsical prints I can't get enough of, am loving this zebra print tee. O.K. really does put on a good show!

And there will be a collaboration with Clarks for a shoe range in Feb 2014. There is 6 styles - platforms, mid heel sandals, wedges , slingback and Mary-Janes. I kind of love the 'Orla Mary' wedge, yes please!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Vintage Fashion and Decor Fair

The Vintage Fair was on Sunday in a lovely hotel near the sea. The hotel had a vintage tea van outside and old cars parked up front. A nice young man dressed immaculately with slicked back hair offered to take our picture outside, then we wandered into the hotel where there were tables upon tables of jewels and we were transported back to the roaring 20s where people dressed up in furs and turbans, rolled up hair and perfect make-up, clutching turn-lock handbags with leather gloved hands. 

There was memorabilia like old record players, tvs, books and postcards too. Some postcards had been written before the war and told of shootings and old love stories. Old paintings you could stare at for hours, seaside town painted tea-sets, rouge compacts with a hidden music box, lace sequined bejeweled dresses, quirky pin up girl and animal head brooches, hat pins and diamond rings, scarves from Paris, Thunderbird birthday cards, corgi cars, bold clip on earrings. There was something for everyone and I don't think a single person left without buying at least some piece of nostalgia as a reminder of the day. 

(I came away with a beautiful deer brooch from Strictly Vintage, and two rings.)