Friday, May 27, 2011

Forgotten treasure.

A giveaway I won. All prints below are by steph says hello and are available here.

Oh and i found this newer one that I quite like.

Happy Long Spring Weekend to you all. 

I detest.

 I detest packing and unpacking and flying (unless its to a sunny, warm, beach-filled location)

  And yes I did make this poem up to procrastinate (oops). What are your thoughts on flying, waiting at airports etc?!

I detest  
And unpacking.
Catching planes.
Awaiting trains.
Sitting in airports
Out of sorts.
Security checks
Make me vex.
Check boarding gate,
Being late.
Slow walkers.
Loud talkers.
Cabin baggage
Sounds like cabbage.
Passports ready.
Plane unready.
People queue in mad rushes
Equals lots of moans and pushes.
Hot and bothered
Can't be bothered.
Find a seat
Window retreat.
Passengers fight over isles.
Fake flight attendant smiles.
Shit, how many hours is this flight?
Ticket cannot be right....
I think I'd rather walk.

Tea&cakes, flowers&feelings

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


all the above inspirations found over at//captain cat etsy shop 

source of the above//designismine blog


Wish list..

Yes please.

 Source//Urban outfitters


Some really beautiful prints...