Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oak Fine jewellery

I was asked by the lovely Hannah of Amelia's magazine to do some illustrations for her interview with Oak fine jewellery, a fine jewellery boutique selling forest inspired Fair Trade jewellery which you can read here. Oak fine is run by Jo-Anne Owdud and Parul Tolentino who "love objects that have a story to tell, whether that’s with a sentimental meaning, or perhaps something unexpected. Historical references play a big part in what they love to explore and their surroundings are a huge inspiration. The Richmond Park collection was inspired by the sentiments of family and life, conveyed through the power of nature and their namesake; the ‘Oak’ tree which is also their favourite playground!"

Read the interview and see all the lovely illustrations here

I did two illustrations for this brand, one of the Richmond Park necklace and the other of the Treasured Tree beautiful acorn necklace which you can see below.


  1. Gorgeous - really delicate and lovely :-) xx

  2. oh wow, they're really good! definitely following :D xx

  3. Goodness, I haven't come across these before. I just wrote a blog post on OAK, and have been having a read about what others say about them. Those illustrations are beautiful (o: