Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Death Ringostarr

Article on the band Death Ringostarr here by Rob Harris. Hear the fab music over here.

I was asked by Rob to illustrate the band who have 'quite a trippy image, so lots of colour would be good'. Suits me perfected as I always use lots of bright colours. I did quite an edgy . 70s looking patterns trippy portrait which I love. Hope you like it and sure hope the guys in the band do too.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preloved Reloved

My eBay illustration featured with an interview with Kim of Preloved Reloved blog challenge.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A new Commission

I was asked/commissioned to do an illustration for my quirky friend Ed. He originally asked for a deranged pixie on crack (well i did say quirky). Here was some of things he wanted:

"Please illustrate for me a deranged Pixie in an alley way, perhaps with some trash, said Pixie should have been on an alcohol, heroin and crack binge and look quite rough and downtrodden. I thought of some pixie or goblin, something green, pot belly, hadn't shaved in a few days, looking rough and hadn't slept, smoking, drinking, obvious signs of drug abuse beside him in an alleyway which looked shady to begin with, him leaning against a wall behind some trashcans under a light or some nature. there would be some litter around him also as its a shady alleyway and a puddle for good measure".

This, in a way, was a perfect brief. It is something out of my regular comfort zone, is something different to add to my portfolio of work and allows me to create something strictly to a brief. Also it helps that I'm being paid in cookies and alcohol.

I decided to do a process of, so I took screen grabs every so often to show how I started and how I  came up with finished piece. I tried to associate my friends characteristics with the goblin's hence facial features and the tshirt. I also added details and objects that my friend likes i.e. the fun snaps, Chinese food, beer and games.

Goblin drawing

Hand-rendered then drawn digitally type

Experimenting with placement of type and background colour

Added details and character to goblin

Background details

Added detail/character to foreground

And the final illo...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lichtenstein anyone?

Commission from illustration rally to do a Roy Lichtenstein illustration. I'm a big fan of Lichtenstein/ Warhol era of pop art, huge colour palettes, comic book style and the graphic recognisable art that they were so famous for.

I've added my process which led to my final illustration.

Girl drawn with a white background and speech bubble

Added blue background

Experimented with Lichtensteins' signature dots and lines technique

And this is my final illo, what do ya think?! It had to be Lichtenstein inspired, contain Ireland somewhere in the image and could basically be whatever I like. I chose to illustrate two of my favourite things- TEA and ILLUSTRATION. I used a colour palette with a pop art feel, included the signature girl (in Lichtensteins pieces), speech bubble, wham/bam styled exclamations and the dots and lines patterns featured on the face to create a comic book look.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's the Man??

Illustration of RDG by myself

Hello!!! My illustration was featured in Amelia's magazine along with an interview with the wonderful Rudy De Belgeonne. I created this portrait of the man himself at work. He created hundreds of delicately hand-painted blocks in his latest exhibition entitled WHOS THE MAN- each with a word attributed to the changing identities of the modern man. Take a look and a read here, interview conducted and written by the lovely Matt Bramford.

Photo of the WHO THE MAN expo by Matt Bramford

Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Bee

Source: Nature Visions on Etsy
Very busy today. Been sick as well (EW) everything-you-can-think-of infection. Thanks mouth ulcers, making it so difficult and painful to eat, sorry TMI I know! But I've been kept busy. I'm moving to UK on the 28th so trying to get as much editorial done as possible because I know I'll be so busy finding place to live and a job when I get over that I wont much time to illustrate. But I don't think I can go a long time without illustrating so we'll see how we go on that one!!

So I have been working on a illo for Illustration Rally of an inspired piece which I'm loving at the moment, I can do pretty much as I like so I'll explain that as soon as its been featured.

I have done an illustration of installation artist Rudy de Belgeonne for Amelias Magazine, which I can't wait to show you, should be going live tomoro. And also a portrait of the band Ringo Death Starr which I think will be live tomorrow as well, yay!! I've also put my name down for more illustrations for Amelia's, I want to get as much lovely illustrations done as poss before I move.

Oh before i forget last day for giveaway here where you have a chance to win a fashion print which i illustrated a while ago so do enter if you'd like to win it . That's all for now I think, just very excited/ scared / nervous/ busy for the move but mostly excited though :)

Night all and happy creating :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tallest Man on Earth

My illustrations were published along with an article by the lovely Helen Martin on the Swedish singer Kristian Matsson , who is the Tallest Man on Earth.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Such a lovely busy day

I had three illustrations to do. I experimented with watercolour for a change.

Also, I was published in Amelia's magazine today with three of my illustrations, of musicians Joanna Newsom, Au Revoir Simone and This is the Kit (who I just love btw check them out as soon as you get a chance). They play/sing chilled out and folksy and indie sort of music and is just perfect to listen to and you can read the article here where you'll also find the links to their music. I ilustrated these with water colour, which I had not used in so long. It was nice to try something a bit new and very different to my other style.