Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Bee

Source: Nature Visions on Etsy
Very busy today. Been sick as well (EW) everything-you-can-think-of infection. Thanks mouth ulcers, making it so difficult and painful to eat, sorry TMI I know! But I've been kept busy. I'm moving to UK on the 28th so trying to get as much editorial done as possible because I know I'll be so busy finding place to live and a job when I get over that I wont much time to illustrate. But I don't think I can go a long time without illustrating so we'll see how we go on that one!!

So I have been working on a illo for Illustration Rally of an inspired piece which I'm loving at the moment, I can do pretty much as I like so I'll explain that as soon as its been featured.

I have done an illustration of installation artist Rudy de Belgeonne for Amelias Magazine, which I can't wait to show you, should be going live tomoro. And also a portrait of the band Ringo Death Starr which I think will be live tomorrow as well, yay!! I've also put my name down for more illustrations for Amelia's, I want to get as much lovely illustrations done as poss before I move.

Oh before i forget last day for giveaway here where you have a chance to win a fashion print which i illustrated a while ago so do enter if you'd like to win it . That's all for now I think, just very excited/ scared / nervous/ busy for the move but mostly excited though :)

Night all and happy creating :)


  1. hello lovely! your blog is sooo sweet! thanks for the lovely blog comment- hope you're feeling better soon :) we've got the new film blog up and running now :)
    this week is Natalie Portman week) x x

  2. Aw thanks lovely and yes feeling a little better hehe, drinking lots of tea:) Oh i must check it out now x