Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kodaline & cocktails...

We went to a see a little Irish band called Kodaline last Friday and they were amazing! Not before we went for a spot of dinner and then for cocktails in the Vintage Cocktail Club. I'd heard lots of good things about this place, so I rang the doorbell (yes, really) and I was not disappointed. I ordered a Tequila Mockingbird (the clever play on words got me) and it was delicious. The place has the quirkiest decor, 1920s pianos, lamps, phones, candles lighting over vintage plates, black and white framed photographs on the wall, funny illustrations and floral wallpapers of every variety and the type of patterned carpets and kitsch ornaments your Granny used to have.

Then we snapped out of the 1920s and rambled down to see Kodaline. Back to the 21st century with a bang! They seemed virtually unheard of a few months ago but now everyone knows their name and all of their shows were sold out in minutes. They sang their best known songs like Perfect World, High Hopes, Pray and then some of their newer ones from the new album. They also did a rendition of 'Dirty Ole Town' before launching into Love Like This. The great thing about the gig was that there were no frills, no fireworks and gimics.. just plain, simple, good music. I also discovered some new music James Bay, if you like chilled out, indie, acoustic vibes check him out!


  1. Sounds really grand...the place looks fabulous as well :)) Haven't been to a gig in a while...will have to sometime soon x

  2. Oh you should, there's nothing better then live music and the vintage place was very cool :) x

  3. The vintage place sounds fabulous, I love the play on words with the cocktail (did take me a minute to figure it out though!). The pictures give a real sense of atmosphere, nothing better than live music :) xx