Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am now writing for Creative Boom, a website set up to encourage, support and inspire young creatives like myself. It was launched by the lovely Katy Cowan, using only their own skills, spare time and absolutely no budget whatsoever. Its aim is to help creative businesses, no matter how big or small, support all sorts of creative fields from music, design, photography and fashion to film, PR, marketing, media and animation.

My first interview was with quirky textile designer and creator of all things useful from Paris... Cleo Ferin who I noticed from the Tatty Devine website from her beautifully illustrated POP ICON scarves which you can see here. You can read my interview here. Was lovely to chat to her and am very much looking forward to seeing her new 'BOY ICON' range of scarves.

 By Cleo Ferin

Also featured was an interview with Cristie Burghardt .. aka CB from City Birds Nest Blog... such a talented lady but so humble..check out the interview where I caught up with her to find out her inspirations, advice for creatives and her new projects and plans for the future. Super.

 Above by Cristie Burghardt


  1. thanks avril! it was sooo much fun being a part of this!!