Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some inspiration

Here is my interview with Rudy de Belgeonne for Creative Boom. The man behind Whos the man installation which is created by hundreds of individual hand painted panels with words used to describe and define ‘Man’. You can visit Rudy's website here where you can view the artwork and indeed buy a little piece of your own of the installation. Limited edition prints and panels are available to buy and the chance to get your own original panel designed, how amazing is that?!

I chatted to Rudy about the process behind his intriguing installation, his artistic background and the people who inspire him on a daily basis…. here is the ones I quite like and was delighted to be introduced to by Rudy!

Work by Fred Tomaselli, A Californian artist who I discovered is best known for his highly detailed paintings on wood panels, combining an array of unorthodox materials suspended in a thick layer of clear, epoxy resin.Wow! I like his work it has a whimsical and dream like effect.


Avian Flower Serpent, 2006
Leaves, Photocollage, Acrylic, Gouache and Resin on wood panel

Abductor, 2006
Leaves, photocollage, acrylic and resin on wood panel


Geode, 2006
Leaves, photocollage, Acrylic, gouache and resin on wood panel


Beatriz Milhazes is Brazilian. Known for her work juxtaposing Brazilian cultural imagery and references to western Modernist painting. I really like this work, its bright, colourful and contains pattern my three loves. I also love the collage effect, surprising to know that these were created by woodblock, woodcut and screenprint techniques. Except for the last piece with the selfridge, M&S bags (how creative) is mixed media collage.


Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter, best known for her self-portraits, Kahlo's work is remembered for its "pain and passion", and its intense, vibrant colors. Her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition, and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form. I like her self portraits. There are so many. Some of her art scares me to be honest especially one she of a cesarean.. yikes. An artist I would like to research more...


I enjoyed researching these artists .. always nice to find someone or something that inspires you. I do know what I like, I guess I'm more into fun, bright art more than conceptual heavy, overthought stuff. Don't get me wrong I do like a deep film or a piece of art that makes you think about things. But in today's world its nice to see something that will make you smile and keeps your spirit up, don't you think...


  1. So nice to look back at some of these artists. I always thought Frida Kahlo was such an interesting woman.

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    That Girl in Pearls

  2. Thanks Beatriz, really enjoyed having a look at these artists.. when I get a chance I'd like to research more. Always a joy to find great art... :)

    Have a lovely Friday!