Sunday, March 13, 2011

As seen in...

Illustration Rally featured my Bjork portrait. Click *here*  to see other portraits of ideal dinner guests, they really are all amazing. And so so different.

Amelia Gregory did a wonderful review of Michael Van Der Ham 2011 catwalk show at London Fashion week which I was commissioned to do some illustrations for.. I did four in total, they were all so pretty and drawable (if thats a word). The photos I was sent and judging by the photos on the LFW site and on the net, it was a lovely show featuring velvet lushness in a range bright and vivid colours, Van Der Ham's signature style of asymmetric tailoring and each designed in red, orange, lime green, turquoise blue and hot pink.

 All illustrations by myself and are copyrighted.


  1. Love these, especially that first blue one. Makes me want to have a drink of water hehe!

  2. Thanks Katie its a lovely blue isnt it. Looks like it was quite an amazing show :)