Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lears Quirky Limericks

This is the first book I got printed professionally and bound. Whoop. This is my self initiated final year project. I chose a selection of 8 of my favourite Edward Lear's limericks and illustrated them in a more contemporary way than years before when a black and white sketch was used. I used illustration, and collage with a strong use of pattern and texture.

You can see the individual illustrations here. Such a fun project to do :)


  1. Avril!! they are gorgeous!!! i loved every drawing and such a great idea about illustrating limericks. those black and white illustrations have stuck in everyone's mind, so your illos look very refreshing!! great job!

  2. Thank you Daria!! It was nice to modernise something that was done before in a different, more colourful way! So glad you like them!

    Happy New Year to you :)

  3. Dear Avril, if I was so smart,
    And you had your own shopping cart,
    Your work I would buy
    (Truly beautiful .... sigh).
    Edward Lear would be pleased with your art.

    .... and he was thought good enough to teach Queen Victoria how to paint.

    I shall be in touch via email.


  4. Thanks Doug what a great limericist you are!!