Friday, December 10, 2010


Thanks to my lovely followers on twitter I've reached 100 which is amazing! Its so nice to be able to chat with other designers , who have the same issues and do the same work as myself and other tweeters too of course :)

So this giveaway is to say thank you .

I'm gonna giveaway a print of an illustration from my website, of your choice (and a few extra lovely bits and bobs, surprises).

To win , just leave a comment on my blog here with your name and email address and which illustration you like best from my website.

Next Friday, we'll say, Il write all your names out and place in a cup and choose (so sophisticated i know).


  1. I am firsT ( I hope so :D) Yaay!
    Wonderful and very interesting style!
    My favorite is...thouhg it's not too easy for me is...ta da... this wonderful hare (for PET MY BALLAD issue? right?)
    What a wobderful hare with red bag!

    My name is Karina Yarv
    and my e-mail:


  2. Oh yay! I love giveaways :) congrats on the 100 followers! :D

    Kerri-Ann and
    I love your Grandma in the sweet shop and the portrait of Marie Antoinette - those are my favourites! Lovely stuff :)

  3. Lovely to see you've reached 100 followers, you really deserve them all! Your work is great!

    I really love the dog picture, is it a labrador? :) with the turquoise background, lovely! :)

    Abby Wright

    :) xx

  4. Ooh well done you with 100 followers!

    I'd love to have the fashion illustration with the orange swirly background!

    Dee Andrews

  5. Congrats on 100! What a wonderful landmark to cross. If I win I want the grand piano illustration!

    Katie Walters

  6. Hi :) I see you have been to the leprechaun museum too! That tea cup must be famous! :)

    I really like your style, and I very much lie the lady gaga illustration you have done.

    Congrats on the 100 followers,

    Linda McGarrigle

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments guys :) Il pick a winner tomoro xx whoooop!!!