Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebration of 30 years of Sue Timney's Work

My illustration was featured along with an article by Sally Mumby-Croft on the Fashion and Textile Museum's celebration of Interior designer, Sue Timney's beautiful work over the past thirty years.

I jumped at the chance to do an illustration for this and I chose to illustrate the mugs as they really stood out, I 'm used to working with lots of colours so enjoyed the change of working in black and white and as Sally writes in the article about the main expo room being 'reminiscent of what Alice’s fall through the rabbit hole would have looked like if crossed with Beetlejuice' I felt the same about this piece, a mix of Beetlejuice and Alice in Wonderland, the clocks printed on the mugs are like the pocket watch from the book and the Beetlejuice colours of black and white make this piece classic and recognisable as Sue Timney's design.

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