Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I like Thursday

Sinus infections are not fun. These make me happy.

Clothes I like

Yummy food...

I want to have time to paint and take photos (when I find my camera which is lost hence no photos of mine here lately)

I want to finish my project and have a fun summer. I want to spend time with my lovely friends and beau. I want drinking and picnics and nights out. I want sunny weather and strawberry daiquiries. yum!

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  1. Oh I want that skirt 3rd picture down!
    Hope you're feeling better soon :-) xx

  2. summer time is almost here i can taste it! we are going to bbq this weekend so that will kick start the summer days to come!


  3. Ta loves, seriously wanna go shopping! Nothing like a picnic, drinking cider outside, and bbqs.... the smell of bbqs are a sure sign summer is nearly here =)