Friday, April 1, 2011

Lia Ices

A wonderful review by Helen Martin of Lia Ices new album Grown Unknown out now. I was asked by Helen to do some illustrations of Lia some time ago so was a lovely surprise to see my illustrations today along with the review in Amelia's magazine.

"The whole album sounds as if it was born in an enchanted forest. A location removed from the evils of the world. The sacred place, where the queen fairy lives in fantasy books. With 70s hinting, billowing sleeves, Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac, joined, it’s an album of true quality" as Helen brilliantly puts it. Here here. Couldn't agree more, total Kate Bush and Enya vibes read the rest of the review here. You can listen to Lia some more here to see/hear for yourself.

illustration by Avril Kelly

illustration by Avril Kelly

 Live on Amelias magazine site

*click to enlarge*

Have a lovely day and a even lovelier weekend. Finally its here!


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