Saturday, July 5, 2014

What to do with: Jam Jars

Ever wondered what to do with your old jam jars? It occurred to me at the weekend whilst out sipping cocktails from old little jars (Hipster, I know.) So off I went and purchased some stain glass paint, I used Pebeo Vitrail stained glass paint but any glass paint would do. These were transparent ones, I found some colours worked better than others, the blue and the green were so transparent its hard to see, the yellow and red worked quite well.

Jars avec la Ikea plant

For the stained glass effect, start painting diamond shapes and free paint whatever shapes you feel like in between 

With the dripping effect on the left, this kind of happened by accident but turned out to be my 
favourite. It's easy to do, just turn jar upside down and let the paint run from the bottom of the 
jar to the top. I also used some gold paint to get a spot effect and it looks really cool when 
there's a candle lighting

It doesn't say how long to wait for paint to dry but ideally overnight would do.
When dry, pop a candle in, colours are amazing all lit up!

All you need is:
Glass Paint
Clear Jars or bottles
Paint brush

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