Saturday, April 20, 2013

Delilah Magazine//Illustrations

Delilah is a women's lifestyle magazine, covering real people and inspirational places, stories and things. It celebrates the unique and covers topics such as blogging, charity, fitness, women's issues, home & garden, new music, festivals and inspirational stories.

I was asked to illustrate an article which talks about unusual catwalk shows. I chose to illustrate Alexander McQueen's S/S 2001 show VOSS. If you are not familiar with the show check it out on youtube it is amazing to watch. Models all encased in a huge glass box with a mysterious opaque box in the centre. Roses, birds and extraordinary headpieces. As the show goes on you see the models behaving bizarrely; waving away imaginary flies, looking suspiciously through the mirrored glass directly at the audience and pulling bits from the garments themselves. At the end of the show the lights go down and there is a loud beeping countdown, as if a movie-style bomb were about to go off. Suddenly a light appears in the centre of the opaque box and reveals the flickering shadows of butterflies. As the lights go back up, the box unravels and shatters, the beep flatlines and reveals the naked gas-mask clad body of British writer Michelle Olley, lying on a chaise longue surrounded by butterflies. You can read the full article here.

It was done by digital illustration and collage and a whole lot of shading.

I also did a second illustration for Delilah, accompanying an article on Annika's 'Muffin Moment' when she realizes something about her life whilst in a cafe eating a muffin.

The magazine in its online zineness is free to read here so why not have a read while you're having your very own 'muffin moment'?!


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