Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunny Bristol!

I have been so busy lately but good busy. Here are some photos of a recent trip to Bristol with one of my best friends. Bristol's a really beautiful city I would recommend anyone to visit. The buildings are so amazing and there is some piece of beautiful architecture or colourful street art on every street. The harbour is so so pretty especially at night. There are lots of bars and restaurants to go to on the harbour and there are actual boats that you can sit and have dinner on, a particular favourite of ours was The Apple, a converted barge right on the water. We also sampled some local cider... as you do.. some of it was rather strong and we felt quite tipsy afterwards (probably wasn't the best idea to try 8% ciders before travelling to the airport). We also did some shopping, visited a food market, saw some castles, people-watched in the park, ate lots of yummy food, drank red wine and danced the nights away. What a fab weekend.


Where would you go for a nice weekend? Are city breaks the way to go now?

Let me know I'm so excited for a next city break away would love to know good places to go!


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  1. Bristol looks lovely, I've been wanting to go for ages!