Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Empress//Issue 6

The latest issue of New Empress mag is out now.. which is a little bit exciting as it features my illustration.

I was commissioned by the editor Helen Cox to illustrate an image to accompany a review of the film Angst, a 1983 horror film. When i first read the review i was very intrigued, there were no film stills online or anywhere i could find. Uh oh I had to watch the film which was very well done and very creepy indeed. The theme was so different from what I usually do which was a challenge but great fun to do.

I tried to incorporate flashbacks from the film, plus elements and little details like the sausage dog and the old ladies' false teeth while still keeping with my own style.

What do you think?


Updated June 8th 2012
And here it is pictured in the magazine...

(image taken by writer of the review Tom Cottey)


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