Saturday, October 1, 2011

Illustrations for AfricaFashionGuide!

Wow time flies! About time I showed you my illustrations I was commissioned to do by Jacqueline Shaw for her wonderful book Fashion Africa.

My brief was to illustrate a drawing which represented each of the design companies I was assigned. This could be black and white, colour, pencil, paint etc whichever medium I felt fitted in with the overall brand. I researched their websites and designs then selected the piece to illustrate. It was difficult to choose which piece and in some cases I chose two of each. My illustrations for the book were created using collage, patterns I made myself and a whole lot of colour (one of my favourite things about African fashion design).

First up is my illustration for Lalesso... a beautiful bold colourful fashion brand. I wanted to emphasis its colourful, fun aspect and I also managed to incorporate the Lalesso logo into the illustration.

My Illustrations for Oliberte Shoes... was important that the shoes stood out above all else.

Fashion by Mia illustration...streetstyle casual wear mixing African fabric with secondhand clothing. I wanted to keep hold of the handmade, put together feel of the clothes and the fabrics.

and Kluk CGDT a high end fashion brand focusing on sharp feminine designs. I fell in love with this dress when I seen it, I liked the shapes and colours and the elegance and tried to recreate this in the final piece.


  1. These are wonderful..very talented girl :) I enjoy them all!! Hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. Wow I love them!!! You are so talented, girl :)

    Belly B :)

  3. Girls you've made my day so glad you like them xx

  4. So beautiful! Love all the colours and patterns in these :) xx

  5. These are beautiful, Avril! I especially love the first two.

  6. congrats Avril! and I LOVE them a lot! The first two are especially stunning! x