Saturday, February 5, 2011

Amelias's Compendium of Fashion Illustration Launch

Known to many as ACOFI, I attended this book launch last Friday. I forgot my camera *great start* but it was all up hill from there I assure you. I originally flew straight past 123 Bethnal Green, the venue, very tricky to find in the dark. But when I found it, I loved it. I met the lovely Kat Phan, an amazing writer for Amelias and Sublime magazine. We chatted in the cold before realising 'perhaps we should go inside'.

We went into the room where other attendees and where the bands were setting up and chatted to Abby Wright, I recognised her immediately as I have spoken to her all the time on Twitter and Facebook. Wow I felt like I'd known her for years, a genuine delight! Then the lovely Zarina Liew came over and introduced herself and gave us some rather pretty postcards and a card. We had a chat about illustrating and writing and other projects, was a pleasure to meet her.

We then ventured downstairs to buy the book. On route I spoke and met for the first time the lovely Matt Bramford who was so nice! We bought the book like excited children. I was then ushered over to Matilde Sazio who is the loveliest human being ever. We chatted about all things illustration and writing and magazines and jewellery and the book and Harry Potter. Twas amazing!

I also had the great pleasure of meeting Dee Andrews (recognised her and her beautiful curly hair *jealous* immediately, wish I got to chat to her more),  Erica Sharp (who recognised my name, amazing), Emma Block (who I scoffed the yummy Lily Vanilli cake with and talked about Ireland), Helen Martin (loveliest writer ever) and her curly haired beau Charlie, Faye West (a cool dude, talented lovely) and  Emily (Handmade by Emily amazing to meet her). If I left anyone out I'm so sorry, do let me know.

We then had an 'after party' of our own where myself, Abby and her gang crossed the road to the Verge and sipped on cocktails and chatted about *no way* illustration and all things London with illustrator and general lovely Rachel Lewis. Abby, her lovely boyfriend Matt and her mum very noicely walked me home to my 5***** hotel, I think they were jealous really.

What a lovely night with an amazing purchase and meeting talented yet extremely genuine and amazing people.

Here are my photos of the book and various other gems.

Goodie bag received with purchase of the book. Heart.

The book and the goodies

Goodies inc. Postcards,tea,bookmarks,Dr Hauschka products,necklace

The book and the first Amelia's magazine in print

Postcards, these ones are by Yelena Bryksenkova, Krister Selin&Lesley Barnes 

 Lesley Barnes postcard with my Tatty Devine necklace

Amelia's magazine, 2008 edition

 I love the little details such as the illustrations in the corner, everything links in so beautifully

 The typography is just as imaginative and original as the illustrations

 The typographical illustration combined with photography = mega lovely

Illustration by Sofia Andersson

 Collage by Kate Slater

 Yelena Bryksenkova illustration and collage

 Msxi illustration used on cover and back cover of magazine- a must have edition

THE BOOK , illustration on the cover by Andrea Peterson

On the floor, sprawled out I open the book, has that lovely bookish, fresh smell and the colours and illustration hit me. I'm totally sucked into a dream land where everything is beautiful and colourful and wonderful. I have spent the whole morning falling in love with book all over again, flicking through pages and learning about ethical fashion and how the illustration and fashion designers have become what they are, their processes, their worlds, their likes and dislikes. Uh-maze-ing!

 Amelia beautifully illustrated by Naomi Law

 Abby Wright interview and self portrait

 Ada Zandition fashion collection illustrated by Abby

 My favourite, Fifi Bijoux jewellery illustrated by Abby

I love Abby's use of clean lines, use of negative space to illustrate a part of fashion to make it stand out. She focuses on one piece and makes it come alive. Very beautiful illustrative recognisable style.

Natsuki Otani of Illustration Rally, lovely use of bold bright colours and patterns, my two favourites.

 Bex Glover self portrait. Vibrant work, really alive and beautiful.

 Katie Harnett. One word. cute. Her illustrations always have character and heaps of personality.

 Andrea Peterson. Romantic, dreamy and whimsical style of illustration. This is my favourite piece of hers from the Charlie Le Mindu collection.

 Aniela Murphy (what a pretty name). She uses photography, digital drawing and creates decorative borders and patterns around her images. This is a piece illustrating brand Junky Styling.

 Jenny Robbins. How rock n' roll is her self portrait?! She has a very energetic, motion filled style of illustration. She captures movement and energy beautifully and likes to draw quickly with either ink or paint.

Jenny Robbins illustration of Doii 2010 collection. Lovely stuff.

Emma Block uses collage, painting, etching and screen printing. I love how she experiments and uses different techniques. Her illustrations are fun and always have a doll-like quality I feel.

 Antonia Parker. The original 'Hand-made cut out kid'. She uses collage, handmade typography, drawings and photography in her pieces. I'm particularly in love with her amazingly decorative backgrounds. wow.

 Rachel de Ste. Croix. Also known as 'Precious Little'. Beautiful details, patterns and colours.

 Abigail Daker. Structured and decorative quality in her work. She specialises in hand drawn and coloured artwork for fiction and non fiction publications.This piece was for Eloise Moody of Bobbin Bicycles and I just adore its vintage feel and the typography on the window. Lovely details.

 Katherine Tromans self portrait. Draws beautiful rosy cheeked lovelies and uses lot of little details with blocks of colour.

 Alison Firth collection by Kat

 Camilla Norback 2010 collection by Kat. Love the 60s feel and her use of geometric shapes in the background. Ace.

 Jennifer Costello, Lots of details and pattern. Quirky fashion illustration. Whats not to love?!

 Gemma Milly.  Handmade imagery and use of watercolour. Striking and beautiful images. A very fun element to each illustration.

 Jo Cheung. Decorative, colourful, amazingly detailed backgrounds. Love.

 A Jo cheung spread. How beautiful are these? Every detail thought of and illustrated.

 Faye West. Watercolour, collage and drawing. Her illustrations have a very whimsical and dreamy quality. Pensive feel to them. Lovely,

 Love this one. Faye's Gossypium illustration. so detailed and amazing.

 Erica Sharp. Delicate paper cut illustrations using ink pen and Japanese washi paper.

 Erica's illo of Satoshi Date collection 2011. Each illustration has their own personality and twinkle.

 June Chanpoomidole (awesome name). Vivid bright colours. Intense each piece draws you into the colours and the fabric illustrated.

 Kellie Black AKA Miss Pearl Grey. Beautiful colours, quirky and a bit of cheekiness to each personality she illustrates. Also a very playful, fun quality in each illustration.

 Krister Selin. Combines ink, pastel and paint. Dreamy romantic quality in his work. Sheer beauty.

Lisa Stannard. Drawing and translucent colours. Such a nice technique love her self portrait.

Yelena Bryksenkova illustration of Little Shilpa collection 2010. Detail, pattern, colour, character, all the things that I love about Yelena's work.

 Gareth A. Hopkins. Uses a lot of black outline, a mix of thin and thick and different lines. Quite a comic book and graphic feel to his work. Lots of structure and bold colours in his work. Very cool.

 Naomi Law edgy cool style, mix of watercolor and mixed media.

 For Joanna Cave, mixed media. My favourite piece by Naomi.

 Amy Martino. Very interesting style. Bright colours, quirky compositions. Does not drawing faces or features very quirky, mysterious style.

 Michelle Urvall Nyren. Uses aquarelle, charcoal and ink. Beautiful expressions and a nice flow to her illustrations.

 Natasha Thompson. Recognisable at once. A definite favourite. Natasha uses collage and drawing and hand rendered typography. Playful, fun and humorous element to her work. Also vintage feel to it that i love.

 Zarina Liew. Beautiful watercolours and expressions. Lovely use of pattern and detail also.

 Joanna Faria. Definite unique style. Cute girls, big eyes huge hair long necks and we are good to go. Stunning details and pattern too.

 Lesley Barnes. Wow. Beyond quirky and wonderful. Shapes, colour pattern details are my loves so I do adore her work. Use of geomtric shapes.
One of my faves. Details are sublime. By Leslie.

Phew. I need a lie down now. Hope you like my post and enjoy looking through some of my favourite illos in the book , there are sooooo many more. Its a feast for les yeux. You can buy the book here if you wish.

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Wow, this is amazing!! Thank you so much :) i feel like i've known you forever too lol, we'll be able to visit each other in our different parts of England yay :) maybe you'll be my children's godmother, lol!!

  2. Do you have a clone or something? How do you get so much done?!! But seriously, fantastic post and thank you for saying such lovely things about me, that's really touching.

    Don't know about you, but my throat was so sore the next morning from all the gassing we did!

    Big kiss xxxx

  3. Absolutely loved reading this ... amazing ... thank you! You should be a journalist/writer type too (if you have time ;P)! Re the ACOFI launch - I've only 'watched from afar' but with great interest. I so agree about the 'genuine' bit about the illustrators - I loved noticing that in all the photos that have been taken ... no posers (poseurs even) at all :) x

  4. Abby, I'm honoured. I'll do it haha!

    Matilde, imagine the mischief I could get up to if I had a clone? amazing. And don't even mention it your welcome, it's all true anyway.

    Glad you like the post, Lesley!!

    Gilly,you made my day hehe. I'd love to do a bit of writing *ahem if anyones listening*. And as for posing , I was posing damn must pose better hehe!


  5. Great post! I'm glad I stumbled across it. I was looking for blogs about quirky fashion and found this post! I want to get that book. OH, and that goodie bag rocks! Sounds like a fun and inspiring time! Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the illustrations!

    U have a new follower...

    ***My Summersoulful Blog***

  6. Thanks so much for the comment RishaBelle. So glad you like the post, the book is so amazing full of colorful illustrations and chats with designers and illustrators. Highly recommended :)

    Such an inspiring night too, can't tell you how amazing and inspiring it was to meet all the illustrators. Such lovely people too.

    Thanks for the follow, so lovely when someone chooses to follow my blog :)

  7. Thanks for such a lovely write up! :) Kellie Black